Friday, April 9, 2010

Wanting, but not needing.

I know I'm not alone, not by a long shot, in spending time making wish lists of all sorts of goodies I find on the web that I'd buy if I only had the money. My finances are quite meager right now and will most likely stay that way for some time (still searching for employment, one year on). So these lists will stay full of wishes for the foreseeable future, even thought the items on them aren't very pricey (at least compared to what appears in most fashion mags).

So with no further ado, here are my wish list entries for 4/9/10:

Melin cognac brogues by Steven (LOVE!)

Heritage Leather Co. canvas mason bag...

I'd been eyeing this Klein Tools bag for a few years, until I discovered the Heritage Leather version earlier in the week. Now I'm thinking, "Klein Tools WHO?!?"


Shelby Levesque said...

Love the nautical feel to those bags! (:

Jocy said...

No you are certainly not alone. I find that it helps with the cravings though. I blog about it, walk away, and most times I don't think about the item as much. But sometimes, when it comes to No. 6 goods especially, the want lingers.

Fine Little Day said...

Lovely shoes :)