Thursday, March 5, 2009

The awful truth.

Well, the reason I didn't make it to the Calder Jewelry exhibition at the Met last Friday is that I got laid off from work that day and didn't feel much like doing anything other than crying. Posts here may be sparse for a while as I attempt to find a new job. Sigh.


BonjourBruxelles said...

I am so sorry. So tough this godfersaken economy. Well, I hope this jobless ride is a short one for you. Do love you posts but understand where your priorities are these days.

Cheers to you Jennifer!

*gemmifer* said...

Thanks so much Karen! It truly does help having the good wishes of so many kind people. It's really sad that so many folks are in a similar position right now. I'm feeling a bit better about things than I did at the start... I'm sure I'll have good and bad days as the search goes on!

And thank you for your compliment on the posts. I love your blog too!


Hebden said...

I echo Bonjour's sentiments...I hope you find something soon!

Take care,


*gemmifer* said...

Thanks Heb! Every good wish helps.