Friday, April 23, 2010

Celebration of a century.

I recently reached 100 posts (or a century) here on this old blog. As promised, in celebration of this major achievement in my life (Is that great or pathetic? I'm not sure) I'm having a giveaway featuring some of my creations, and a sale at {gemmifer} handmade, my Esty shop. Woohoo!

The giveaway includes (click on photos to enlarge):

A handwoven 24-inch antique blue and pearl gray cotton cord necklace featuring vintage brass accent beads and findings...

and a set of three photographs. The photos are printed on 4x6 Canon premium glossy photo paper with Canon ChromaLife 100+ dye-based and pigment-based inks.

One winner will receive both items. To enter, please visit my Etsy shop and then leave a comment here telling me your favorite item in the shop. I'd be thrilled if you would also let me know which of the brass accents are your favorite and what colors you would like to see me use for future cords. Please be sure to include your email information so I can contact you if you're the winner!

The entry deadline will be Saturday, May 1st at 9:00 a.m. EST. and the winner will be chosen via either a high-tech (random number generator) or low-tech (pick a name out of a hat) method. Good luck, and I can't wait to hear from you!

Sale details: all necklaces in my Etsy shop are now $10 off or $35 each (regularly $45). The sale ends Sunday, May 9th at 11:00 p.m. EST.


Jennifer said...

Still Friday in my Time Zone, so nothing to forgive!
I love the necklaces with the brass tube the best, and my second choice would be the brass squares.

As far as colors go...right now I'm attracted to turquoise blue. The colors I'm thinking about for fall seem to be red and camel.
I think a cord woven out of different metallic threads would be interesting!Congrats on 100 posts!

Hebden said...

Happy 100 and (as Lewis Carroll might have said) a very happy un-100 for the other 99!

My personal favorite is the square beads with the grey, garnet, and rose cord. As for other colors...I think navy blue or racing green would be rather nice.

Hello Lindello said...

Oh wow! I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog. I LOVE your necklaces. I'm really digging the lavander and gray, and the gray and green with the tubing best.


Dawn Tan said...

Oooh! Yay for giveaways and thanks for telling me about it! Hehe : ) I love the Handwoven gray, garnet, and rose cotton necklace with vintage brass beads one the best! It's so cute, perfect to wear around my neck on a nice summer day!

Crossing my fingers! Heh.

hannah said...

such lovely stuff!

Lisa Mane said...

I really really like the red and grey necklace, and the cube brass accents :) I like them all, though!!

Anonymous said...

congrats on 100 posts and here's to 100 more!
Thanks for a cool giveaway.
I'm really diggin' the necklace with vintage brass tube accent bead. Although it's vintage, it's really also kinda modern.

jennifer said...

Thanks for your comments! Love the grey/lavendar color combo for a cord and the square beads. Really, grey and almost any color would look great. Cheers!

Jocy said...

Hello! What a lovely shop. I'd give a good home to the dark blue, brass square necklace ... a really loving home.

Melanie said...

Hi there! I love your shop, your necklaces are really lovely. I like the mix of metal with the textured cotton. This one is especially beautiful. Also, congrats on making it to 100! :D

hiki said...

What a generous giveaway!!!
I hope I'm not too late for this.... but I love "Handwoven gray and lavender cotton necklace with vintage brass tube accent bead", so lovely!!!!
Also congratulations on your 100th post!!

tiffany... said...

congratulations on your 100th!
you have a lovely shop... and, i have to say, i love the brass tube bead... it's quite unique! i'm loving all the necklaces around the internet these days with brass beads! the square beads are pretty graet too! i'm also loving all things colorful (in regards to the cotton cord) as it just screams summer to me!
thank you for having a giveaway... and, have a lovely weekend!

Cruz said...

Thanks for directing me to your shop. Your work is unique; I would love to know more about your creative process. I like the black with two blues!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! Your blog and your shop are absolutely brilliant to look at and to read. Thanks for your generous giveaway.

The gray, garnet, & rose necklace with the wonderful vintage brass beads is my favorite although I would be hard pressed to chose just one! Brighter tones may be fun summer alternatives - oranges, pinks, lime greens or aqua blues. Please keep the brass accent components!

And here's to 100 or more new posts!