Thursday, April 8, 2010

Farewell, my lovely.

How sad... Takashimaya will be permanently closing its New York location in June. It has been a major part of Fifth Avenue in midtown for many, many years. I have fond memories of stopping in to experience the peaceful atmosphere, treating myself to one or two little goodies along the way. Santa Maria Novella burning papers (much less expensive when I bought them!) and knot cuff links. Green tea from the Tea Box, their tea shop/restaurant. A group of friends and I had tea and cake there several years ago after we attended Open See at Bendel's... beautiful small cast iron pots for the loose tea, and many forks to share the pricey but delicious slice of Lady M's Mille Crepes cake (heavenly!) They also have a beautiful florist shop on the main floor filled with incredible blooms.

I guess as with many others, Takashimaya hasn't been able to survive during this economic downturn. I wonder what will take over the location... most likely a Forever 21 to compete with H&M down the block, or something similar. Takashimaya Fifth Avenue, you will live on in the memories of me and many others.

PS: I'm probably the only one to notice, but this is my 100th post. Yay! To celebrate, I am planning a little giveaway here as well as a sale at my Etsy shop, {gemmifer} handmade. Please stay tuned for more details!


Miss Cavendish said...

I loved this shop. I particularly remember going there after getting a crop at Fekkai and trying on hats. So sad.

BijouBelle said...

I know what you mean. I'll definitely feel the loss as my mom and I would sometimes have tea in their shop. On another note, I'm wowed that you waited on line for the open see at Bendel's. What an experience it must've been.

lesley.zinn said...

Is this the place we would go to when we had our "Christmas City Days"?
And congratulations on your 100th Post! That's exciting.

Jennifer said...

Yes Les, this is one of our stops on our annual days playing tourist in the city! And thanks for the wishes on the century post too ;) MY and LY!

Phone with a Cord said...

oh I love Takashimaya! That is really sad- in an economy like this I like to think that the strong good businesses will make it through, so it is a bummer to see something like this and labels like Phi etc shut down.