Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More from the photobooth

I have always had a love for vernacular photography. Snapshots and other vintage photos by non-professional photographers can sometimes have such wonderful composition or mysterious subject matter, the result of a happy accident. I really enjoy rifling through boxes and bins full of old photos at antique shows and stores. I've found some really great things over the years; hopefully I'll get around to posting about some of them here in the future.

My last posting, with the old photobooth pictures of my parents and me reminded me that there was an exhibition of old photobooth images a few years ago, from the collection of Babette Hines. Hine also authored the accompanying book and has a gallery specializing in vernacular photos.

cover image via Amazon.com

page sample via Amazon.com

If you're interested, there's also another great book with a history of photobooths as well as a selection of images. I'm sure these are only two of many books out there on the topic!

cover image via Amazon.com

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flaming coppercat said...

these photographs are priceless!