Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best laid plans

Well, I never made it to the exhibition on Friday due to circumstances beyond my control. Unfortunately it closes today, so I'll just have to get hold of the exhibition catalog and pretend that I saw it in person. I'm sure it will still be great.


Anonymous said...

hi Jennifer
I am also dissapointed because today I was going to the ArtExpo in NYC but because of the bad weather I had to cancel. Well maybe next year.
See you soon Lorraine

*gemmifer* said...

That's a shame Lorraine! I'm sorry you had a disappointment too.

kattyface said...

I appreciate the recent comments about COBRA (which I did not know what part of the new stimulus plan), but unfortunately I worked at a company with under 20 employees and I do not qualify for COBRA or the 65% monthly premium cost reduction.


All the best to those who qualify though! We need all the help that we can get.

kattyface said...

hmmm.. i'll have to make some calls then! perhaps i am just talking to the wrong people :(

thanks again!