Monday, January 26, 2009

Takeaway Shows, or Concerts A Emporter

Through listening to the podcasts of NPR shows such as All Songs Considered and Sound Opinions and by visiting many of the fabulous blogs on the web (possibly–no, probably–yours!) I have expanded my musical tastes and discovered many wonderful musicians who don't necessarily show up on MTV or VH1 (or whichever of the "music channels" actually still shows music videos).

So I was happy when I read this weekend about a filmmaker named Vincent Moon who has been working with a variety of musicians (Andrew Bird, Fleet Foxes, The Shins, to name a few) over the past few years to produce "Concerts A Emporter", or "Take Away Shows". There was a small column about Moon in either British Elle or British Vogue (CORRECTION: it was in the Feb./March issue of Readymade,of all places!). It seems that Moon films musicians and groups doing impromptu performances in public spaces and private homes around the world. I spent some time this evening viewing a few of these videos and will have to come back for more. It seems there are many sites where you can view Moon's work, but one, La Blogotheque, features videos by other film makers as well.

video still of The Shins courtesy of Vincent Moon and La Blogotheque

video still of Fleet Foxes courtesy of Vincent Moon and La Blogotheque

video still of Bon Iver courtesy of Vincent Moon and Temporary Areas


BonjourBruxelles said...

This is great! I just added NPR's All Songs Considered to my in-search-of-new-music odyssey but had missed this.

jenniferz said...

Just be warned... it's very easy to get caught up watching the videos for an hour or more!

Hebden said...

I'm a fellow NPR addict...though I found Blogotheque courtesy of Mr. Heb (who is an extreme music geek)...and, yes, you do have to be careful that you don't end up spending a couple of hours watching these videos...