Saturday, January 10, 2009

More from Anthropologie

One night this week after work I headed (yet again) over to Anthropologie in Rockefeller Center. I was looking for some bargains in their post-holiday sale. They did have a great variety of goodies, but I only allowed myself to get a nice little Hayden-Harnett frame clasp coin purse to go in my brand-new HH Tamasin bag, bought in the company's pre-Christmas Secret Santa sale. I love them both; it's so nice to start the new year with a new bag! I know, I'm such a girl ;)

On my way out of the store I noticed a great exhibition on the first floor. I believe the store used to be a theater, so the interior layout is really unique, with a grand marble staircase heading from the first floor to the lower level. Anyway, directly across from the main entrance there's a room devoted to rotating exhibitions by various artists.

Currently there's an exhibition called "Swarm"; a little Googling helped me discover that it's the work of Leslie Oschmann, a former Visual Director for Anthropologie's stores who now lives in Amsterdam. Her company, Swarm, creates furniture and decorative objects using reclaimed furniture and paintings. The Anthro exhibition features a bank of various chairs that have been "upholstered" (my term) with vintage amateur paintings, needlepoints, and tapestries. There is also a table-and-chair set decorated in the same manner. What a clever idea that you could try for yourself, if you aren't able to get hold of one of Leslie's works (and if you're craftily inclined)!

I've posted several shots I took of the exhibition; please scroll down to see them all, including details of a few individual chairs. You can also enlarge any photo by clicking on it. Apologies again for the quality of the photos; my little Cybershot has a difficult time in low-light situations.


Rollergirl said...

Oh, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I hope they do stuff like this when they open in London!

Hijiri said...

COOL! I didn't google about this so it is awesome to see who's all behind this exhibition - thank you!!!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Those are wonderful chairs! I love that store. I was just at it the other day and took tons of pictures of displays and such. LOVE!!

I have them in my flickr if your interested.

sfgirlbybay said...

oh amazing! thank you for sharing! :)