Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The dawn of a new day.

I don't plan to talk politics on this blog. However, Tuesday was a very important day for America. Whatever one's political leanings, all must agree that Barack Obama's inauguration as President of the United States is an important event, both nationally and globally. After eight years under one president and his cabinet we are in need of a change. We can all hope that President Obama (how exciting to write that!) and his cabinet will be able to work with Congress to bring about the changes needed to lift this country out of the situations it is currently dealing with, and with the leaders of other nations to improve conditions around the world.

As frequently happens during my work week, yesterday afternoon I had to head to midtown from my office on Madison and made a detour through Rockefeller Plaza. What a pleasant surprise to see that NBC had set up two large screens which were broadcasting their coverage of the inaugural events. I assume there had been a bit of a crowd watching the swearing-in ceremony, but by the time I was in the Plaza there were only a few people stopping to watch the start of parade coverage. No one can blame them; it was bitterly cold out! Even so, it did give me a sense of pride to see the Plaza decked out with dozens of American flags grandly waving in the wind.

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