Thursday, July 1, 2010


Sorry I've been missing in action recently... my ongoing job search has been taking up quite a bit of my time, as well as working on a headpiece and veil for my very close friend who is getting married in less than three weeks!

I'm hoping to soon get back to posting more regularly, and adding some new designs to my Etsy shop*, including some braided silk necklaces with wooden beads, those bracelets I keep mentioning, and some bib necklaces made with dyed or painted wooden beads (my favorite item right now). Also necklaces of silk cord with hand-blown Venetian glass beads. Further out I'm planning some silver and gemstone necklaces, including a modern take on the charm holder. *The photos above are a preview of what I'm working on.

To my fellow Americans (that sounds like I'm starting a political speech!), I wish you all a very happy Independence Day weekend. To my Canadian friends, I wish you a very happy Canada Day, and to all my other friends and readers, I wish you a fabulous weekend, whatever you do!


daily mix LA said...

love the third one!

modaspia said...

these are beautiful. deep teal w/the beads or bronze a gorgeous combination.