Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A day in the sun.

Before the East Coast was hit with this unbearable heat wave (at least by East Coast standards; I'm sure there are many of you who would beg to differ) over the July 4th weekend I decided to enjoy a day in the sun. Not being one for lying on the beach, I packed a bag with a bottle of homemade fizzy lemonade, a sunhat, and a really good book, and headed out to a favorite spot. After I was laid off I started keeping a beach chair in the trunk of my car so I could stop any time I found a nice spot for a bit of fresh air, so I was all set for the afternoon.

Cold Spring Harbor was founded in the mid 1600s and later became a whaling town. It lies on the north shore of Long Island and was a favorite of my family for day trips when I was growing up. It's about a 30 minute scenic drive from where I now live, so the trip is almost as pleasant as the destination (almost). I stopped at Crumbs on the way for a cupcake to enjoy with my lemonade. Although it was good, it was by no means near the best cupcake I've had. Didn't matter; the sun, salt air, and beautiful scenery made up for it.

My final destination in CSH was a small park that sits right along the edge of the shore. There are lovely big trees if you want a shady spot to sit, and lots of open space if you enjoy a bit of sun. I always park myself under a tree with my big sunhat on. Friday was an especially perfect summer day, with a dry breeze and temps peaking in the upper 70s. It's incredible to think that less than a week ago I eagerly wanted to be outdoors; now I am holed up in my bedroom, the one room with air conditioning in my apartment, praying that it can cool the room to below the 84 degrees it currently is.


Brenna said...

Totally agree about Crumb. I had them last time I was in NYC for a work meeting.

dulci said...

I love your Orla Kiley cups!!