Friday, July 16, 2010

Coming attractions. UPDATED 7/23/10

UPDATE: The two braided silk necklaces are now in my Etsy shop! I hope to have the bib necklaces and the braided bracelets on Monday.

Photos of new necklaces for my Etsy shop. For some reason, it takes me longer to photograph and put them into my shop than it takes me to actually make them. Why is that?

Remember, you can click on these or any other photos here at {gemmifer} to enlarge them.

First we have two braided silk thread necklaces with geometric wooden beads. I've been wearing the one I made for myself (always good to test new products before putting them up for sale) and though the braid has gotten a little softer it is holding up very well; silk is a very strong fiber. I wouldn't suggest wearing them while swimming or bathing but the braid can handle getting wet if you gently blot it and leave it to dry. I don't know about the beads, though; they should probably stay dry just to be safe.

Second, we have two bib necklaces of metallic wooden beads with rayon ribbon ties. The beads look much heavier than they are; you will be aware of the weight of the necklace but it isn't bad. These I would definitely say to keep dry; a small splash or a bit of rain most likely won't harm them, but no shower, bath, pool, lake, etc...

I still plan to make a version of the bib necklace with wooden beads that I hand-dyed, but that will be in a later update.

I'm actually working a few hours tomorrow (for the first time in weeks; I've almost forgotten how to do my part-time job) then a small gathering to go at night. Sunday is the wedding of one of my very closest friends (we've known each other since kindergarten and been the best of friends since third grade--AKA many, many years ago) and her wonderful fiancee! Many old friends who have scattered around the country are coming to town to be there, so it will be an even more special day.

What this all means is that I won't get around to posting these necklaces on Etsy until early next week. Check back here for an update on Monday, and have a great weekend, whatever you have planned!


abby try again said...

I really love those necklaces in the top four photos-so great :)
I hope you are having a fab weekend, xo abby

Rachel said...

lovely work! I totally know what you mean about photographing jewelry taking such a long time. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

kenzie said...

i love jewelry that have a nice dense weight to them. they look great!