Thursday, August 23, 2012

250: Woohoo!

Hi friends!

As of today, 250 wonderful Etsians have "favorite"d my shop. To celebrate, I'm planning another little sale/discount over there. Check back over the weekend; I want to add a couple of new goodies as well, so hopefully there will be something you'll like to add to your jewelry wardrobe.

Some of you may have noticed that I have gone AWOL yet again lately... between work and my commute I have been spending approx. 12 hours a day out of the house. By the time I get home I have just about enough energy to visit a few of the blogs in my Google Reader before passing out in front of whatever happens to be on the telly in my bedroom (usually The Big Bang Theory reruns; they're on almost every night on a variety of channels). When I get a boost of energy I run errands or try to catch up with my sister (a post about my little niece Penelope Sue, aka Penny, aka Little Peanut will be forthcoming here). As I sense that I'm rambling now, I'll sign off and go fall asleep in front of tonight's rerun of Big Bang.

xxoo Jennifer


Cheltz said...

Etsians -- that's cute :). Never seen it before. And congrats on all the followers!

My Countdown said...

Thanks for the kind note on my blog. I appreciate very much.

Anonymous said...

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