Friday, July 13, 2012

Lucky Penny.

Friday the 13th is known as an unlucky date, full of bad happenings.

For me, this one started out not-so-bad but got pretty rocky in the afternoon. Then a phone call from my father at the end of my work day made everything else fade away...

My beautiful and lovely baby sister gave birth to a baby of her own. Penelope Sue, our wonderfully lucky Penny. Mom, Dad and Baby are doing well, and I cannot wait to talk with them (well, maybe not with Penny just yet ;) tomorrow once they've had a chance to recover from the fantastic journey they took today.

Welcome to the world Penelope, my precious little niece. I cannot wait to meet you.

With all my love,
Aunt Jenny

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Park Street said...

Aw, that's such great news! Congratulations on a new little niece.