Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sick day. Also, a new shop addition.

I took a sick day today... a virus of some sort has been quickly making its way through my system over the past few days. Yesterday I felt like I had been hit by a truck, and the cold medicine I took last night only added to the fog in my brain. 

By this morning I couldn't fathom making it through a 12-hour day (including round-trip commute to Manhattan and time in the office) before being able to collapse into my bed once again. So, after a bit of internal debate about using the last of my allotted sick days for this year (thanks to the great four-day sinus infection of February and a multi-hour health test in March), I phoned my supervisor and managed through my gravelly voice to let him know that I wouldn't be in today.

Back to bed for several hours, feeling well-rested and slightly improved by 1:30 pm... A bowl of raisin bran and some bad TV... Mustering up enough energy to dress, throw on a smidge of makeup, and head out to my local Trader Joe's to restock my sparse fridge and pantry... Coming home to the sweet (pun intended) surprise of my landlady's homemade chocolate chip & pecan cookies waiting for me in my mail basket (which will not be consumed until my stuffy nose clears and I can really savor their deliciousness).

I'm still a bit foggy, but feeling much improved by now. I thought I'd take advantage of this mini-boost of energy and finally post in my shop at least one of the several new necklaces I've been designing lately. So, without further ado, let me introduce the brass & amethyst geode Slice Necklace:


the style crusader said...

Raw crystals are so beautiful! Hope you're feeling all better now. xx

Jennifer said...

I am feeling much improved now, thanks very much!

xo Jennifer

Neri said...

oh, man. how gorgeous is this!