Friday, June 10, 2011


Check out this great interview (over at the Collete Patterns blog) with Jennifer Parry Dodge, the super-sweet, super-talented creator & designer of the incredible clothing line Ermie and writer of the fabulous blog also called Ermie (after her great aunt).

Jennifer also has a fabulous guest post over on Simple Lovely. She's got a great eye and highlights a load of great finds--and dig her awesome logo!

I have been following Jen's path since the days when she was working as a nurse, through her decision to leave nursing and be a full-time designer and artist, up to her current amazing new spring/summer line... I'm excited to see what she goes on to do in the future!

All images courtesy Ermie; designs copyright Jennifer Parry Dodge & Tomory Dodge

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reub-envision said...

that blue top is very pretty