Monday, May 30, 2011

Written from my sick bed.

(Scan down for various photos of my weekend.)

So, I started out this weekend with loads of energy... I got out of work early on Friday and headed down to Warby Parker's Chelsea headquarters to get my new glasses adjusted*, and then stopped in to the Fifth Avenue J. Crew (got a chance to admire the Hugo Guinness prints in the bathroom!). Afterward I wandered around the Union Square Greenmarket, getting a big bag of delicious handmade Martin's Pretzels, some fresh organically-grown pears, and some Deep Mountain Maple candy. I finished the afternoon off with my very first Coolhaus ice cream sandwich: brown butter w/ candied bacon ice cream on peanut butter cookies (YUM). I look forward to trying more of their delicious-sounding flavors.

Saturday started with the weekly catch-up over brunch with my dad, something that means even more to me as we both get older. Then a few errands (library, Target, Anthropologie) before heading over to a gathering at my good friend's house.

One of my oldest friends, Jennifer, (we've known each other since kindergarten and have been friends since third grade--in the 70s, mind you, so it's a really looong friendship!) was in town for the weekend with her two beautiful and hilarious girls. Another good friend (since junior high), Debbie, and her family hosted a bunch of us for a beautiful afternoon lounging around in their massive backyard while everyone's kids tired themselves out on the trampoline and with games of horseshoes. It was the first time that Jen got to meet Randy and Noah's precious little boy Zach (aka my nephew, now eight months old!) and everyone spent loads of time being charmed by his beaming smile and happy temperament. Lots of good food and good drinks with great friends; the perfect way to spend a breezy, sunny, late May afternoon!

Sunday was a day of more errands, none worth mentioning (except, perhaps, that I picked up some colorful climbing ropes at REI and EMS to experiment on a few new bracelet designs), then heading home and succumbing to the cold that was creeping into my system since I woke up that morning.

I woke up today with big plans of getting out to the local bookstore for a few hours lazing around in the AC with a cool drink and some foreign magazines (for research). Unfortunately, my bug had gotten worse overnight and my sinuses didn't like my plan for the day. They decided we should stay home in bed, dozing off in front of the NCIS and Roseanne marathons on cable. Oh well... the best laid plans of mice and (wo)men...

*Photos of me in my new glasses coming as soon as I'm camera-ready again, as I know you're all dying to see how they look ;)

My delicious Coolhaus sandwich, mid-consumption:

Hugo Guinness in the Fifth Ave. J. Crew bathroom:

Zach, ever the party animal:

Cookies decorated by the artistic children attending the party:

Bonus photo: one random shot of my bedroom windowsill:


Mo Pie, Please said...

Hope you feel better soon! Being sick is the pits, esp. in warmer months!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Meagan! I'm not a fan of hot weather to begin with, so being under such weather is even worse ;)
xo Jennifer

Audrey said...

Well said about the whole buying clothes thing. I completely agree.

I'm sorry you got sick. .It sounds like you had a really good weekend otherwise. That ice cream sandwich picture is killing me. Yum.