Monday, September 27, 2010

Chevrons redux.

Okay, so after wearing my original Chevron Necklace for a few weeks I wasn't really feeling it. It could be done better, and now, I hope you'll agree, it has been.

So far I was only able to get photos of the first two color combos, seen below. I've made a few more versions since then but our dreary, gray, overcast east coast forecast doesn't give me much hope of getting photos of them before the end of this week. Once they're shot, I'll get them into my shop ASAP. Really, this time, I promise. Next week. Definitely.


Hijiri said...

these are cute! off to check out your shop now!

happy friday :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Hijiri! I keep waiting for some sunny weather here in NY so I can photograph the other versions I've made and put them all in my shop at once. I hope Monday, since I'm busy over the weekend. Have a great one!