Thursday, August 26, 2010

Swatch watch.

Through noon EST on Friday, August 27th Spoonflower is offering one free swatch of fabric (regularly $5) through their website. It's a great opportunity to try out their custom-printing service. You can choose from loads of pre-existing designs, use their tools to create your own, or download a design from a JPEG file.

One more great thing about this offer is that, if you wish, you can make a donation to Heifer International of the regular $5 swatch fee, or whatever other amount you'd like!

I've been interested in trying out Spoonflower's service for a while. I started experimenting with pattern design using some of my photos and found one I think (hope?) will look good on their cotton voile (It doesn't look like much when small, so click on photo to enlarge):

I'm thinking a scarf for a finished product if I end up ordering some full yardage.


Jennifer said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up!

I like the voile...that's what the Bokeh print is printed on.

They can be s-l-o-w with their turn-around times.

Lucky you for winning that necklace the other day, and I like the colors of the chevron beads you have started to use.

caroline duke said...

aw, i'm so sad i missed this! i'll have to keep my eye open for next time.

p.s. are those cookies in your header? because i want some of that.

Jennifer said...

Caroline, the treats in my header photo are wagashi, a type of traditional Japanese sweet. This type are known as higashi, or dried sweets. They were much too beautiful to eat! One day I'll post some photos of the full box, which was a lovely presentation.

You can just google wagashi for loads of info on them, but a great site to start with is for the tea shop Toraya:

caroline duke said...

wow! who would've known? i'm off to look for more photos. definitely too pretty to eat!