Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Works in progress.

I've been a busy little bee this past week. My new jewelry designs will be ready very soon. I hope you'll be as enthusiastic about them as I am! (As with all the photos on my blog, you can click on any image to see the detail.)


lesley.zinn said...

Yay! Looking good Jen. When you post on Etsy make sure you mention that the 'rope' is hand woven' - its sort of hard to tell from the pics :) And i always loved your little tag by the clasp-you should show a close up shot of that as well :) Hope you dont mind the feedback. LY and MY :)

*gemmifer* said...

Thanks, Les! I don't mind the feedback at all--in fact I really appreciate it. I am definitely going to give full details of the materials and construction in the Etsy listings. I will make sure to get a photo of the tag too. Great advice! LY and MY 2 :)

Jennifer said...

My favorite is the top piece!
The hand woven cords are gorgeous.

*gemmifer* said...

Thanks, Jennifer! Your kind words are especially meaningful to me, knowing how talented you are in your own right.