Friday, March 12, 2010

Ageless style.

As I get older I sometimes worry that the clothing and accessories I'm drawn to aren't appropriate for someone my age, that some of the trends I like are meant for gals a bit younger than me. Then I remind myself that I'm not trying to pass for a teenager or college girl, that I just want to wear things that flatter me and express my sense of style. Style is not something that changes with age, and I hope I'll be able to express mine as well as these folks do when I (God willing) get to be their age.

Iris Apfel, founder of Old World Weavers, and a woman with a very definite sense of style and individuality. I still don't know how I allowed myself to miss Rara Avis: Selections From The Iris Barrel Apfel Collection, the exhibition of her clothing and accessories, when it came to New York not once but twice. I'll have to get a hold of the catalogue so I can pore over her amazing wardrobe collection. See a great interview with Apfel here.

Photo by Chester Higgins Jr.for The New York Times

Advanced Style
is a blog created by Ari Smith Cohen, a twenty-something New Yorker who is inspired by the style of older people, people who are dressing only to please themselves and not to impress others.

Photos by Ari Seth Cohen


Andy Quirks said...

Nice! they are so glam! love this post dear!


Jennifer said...

I love her!!
Definitely, definitely get the book. It's amazing.Highly recommended.

Phone with a Cord said...

thanks for sharing this. You should read Wacky Chicks or basically any of Simon Doonan's books. He celebrates eccentric women like Iris, and in some way encourages a confidence for you to be you. :)