Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow day.

The snowstorm that blasted the east coast last weekend missed us on Long Island by a few miles--literally. The radar maps the TV meteorologists kept showing had the northern edge of the storm just a two to three miles off of the southern shore of the island. Where I live, south of the Long Island Expressway (aka the LIE) we had about 1/4 of an inch before it was all over. On the other hand my father, who lives just north of the LIE didn't get one snowflake. Pretty impressive, especially when you consider that the distance from the North to South Shores is only 23 miles at the island's widest point.

We also managed to come out unscathed from a storm that hit the east coast in January, but I guess you can only dodge the bullet for so long... we are expecting a strong storm to arrive late tonight, with 12-16 inches of snow and winds up to 45 MPH. The forecast calls for near blizzard conditions. Many schools and businesses have announced preemptive closings and I'm sure many more will have joined the list by morning.

Since I'm going to have an involuntary day off, I'm planning to enjoy being housebound. On the itinerary are baking, DVD watching, knitting, reading... fingers crossed that we don't lose power, or knitting and reading will be the only things left on the list (other than wearing as many layers as humanly possible to keep warm).


lesley.zinn said...

Enjoy your snow day. I cant think of a time when they actually cancelled school the day before. How cool for those kid- i bet they are thrilled!! Fingers crossed to no power outage :)

*gemmifer* said...

Thanks Lesley! The entire NYC school system--all 5 boroughs--announced the closing today, and the radio announcer must have been going hoarse from having to repeat the list of all the Nassau schools that are closing. If I do have power tomorrow, I hope to make a little post about how I spent my snow day :) LY and MY!