Wednesday, February 10, 2010

House bound.

(2/18/10: I've repaired the link to Lonny... sorry for any trouble!)

Well, the snow did arrive in full force. I did manage to get to the knitting, reading, and DVD watching, but the cupcaking will most likely have to wait for another day, though I did scarf down a good part of the Nutella I bought specifically to frost them.

Having no choice but to stay home for the day is a nice treat every once in a while, but I'm not looking forward to digging my car out to get to work in the morning. I think I'll avoid thinking about that prospect for a while longer... a great distraction and treat will be poring over the "pages" of the newest issue of Lonny magazine, which luckily enough for me was released today. I hope that one day the founders of the magazine will find the financing to offer a print edition. I know that the reader base is expanding with every issue.

This cozy nook would be the perfect spot to spend a day watching the snow fall.

The cutest accessory and ideal housemate.

This is my jewelry storage dream *sigh*


Nicola said...

The jewelry organizer is awesome!! I have a good one but it doesn't fit all my big beaded necklaces in it. Maegan said...

I want that dresser ..but separated into two night stands please :)

*gemmifer* said...

Great idea, Maegan! That would be a beautiful nightstand to see by my bed every day.

George's Mum said...

wow that jewellery storage is INCREDIBLE!! I tried to get the Lonny link to work but it wouldn't. Looks like a fab magazine though.

*gemmifer* said...

George's Mum: I've fixed the link--I don't know what happened to it the first time around. Sorry, and thanks for stopping by!