Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holiday sweets.

At my workplace, the holiday season means receiving many, many edible gift from businesses we deal with: cookies, chocolates, even a lunch of enough barbeque to feed a small city. As much as I enjoyed indulging in all of these treats, I can honestly say that my very favorite this holiday season was a box of incredibly delicious and decadent Champagne Truffles from Teuscher Chocolates. Only once before in my life have I had these truffles (as a "thank you" from a client at a prior job), as they are much too expensive for me to buy for myself. So I have been trying to make them last as long as possible, eating only one at a time. So far, so good; at this point more than half the box remains uneaten. Soon to be minus one more... typing this post is making me very hungry!

I had to post some photos here; the packaging is so pretty and colorful.

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Belinda [simple things] said...

Ooh, hello! Happy new year!

I don't know how you save those truffles. I'm unstoppable when it comes to chocolate. And as lovely as those chocolates are, the piece of fabric behind it is even better!

Anyway, it's nice to discover your blog. I see we share a love of wearable gemstones. :) Your necklaces are quite lovely.

Belinda [simple things] said...

Oh, I'm not sure if I should respond to you here or on my blog. Blog etiquette is so hard! Well, I am here now.

The fabric is really great. You should make scarves to sell!

It makes me feel much better to know that you polished off 4 more of those truffles. It's just not right to leave chocolate uneaten.

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I've never had a truffle! They look divine! And the packaging is beautiful! I don't know if I would be able to eat them, LOL.

Hope you have a great week!


A Bigger Closet said...

Happy New Year! The teuscher truffles look delicious. I bet it's so hard to stop at just one. :)

Minted Magazine said...

They are really pretty!

Minted Magazine