Monday, September 5, 2011

September song.

To all of my friends in the States, Happy Labor Day! To all of you elsewhere, Happy first Monday in September!

I've been away from here for so long... My job has been taking up a lot of my time, and last week we moved into a new office space too. Then there was the little fact of Hurricane Irene beating up the East Coast of the US, and leaving me without power for five days. I feel terrible for all of those who are still without power one week later, not to mention all of those whose homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed by the flooding. I got away very easy, when I think about it.

So, while I spend the holiday being incredibly lazy, prepping for a new week at work, I thought I'd at least drop by to say "Hi!" and let you all know that I'm thinking about some fun new posts, working on new pieces for my shop, and getting very excited for the new DSLR I plan of FINALLY buying this week, so there should be some better-quality photos coming down the pike in the next few months too. I also found a simple yet gorgeous dress for my sister's October wedding in California and am working on the shawl and necklace I'll accessorize it with... now to figure out what shoes to wear...

On a totally different subject, is anyone else as excited as I am about the impending arrival of fall? It's my all-time favorite season... After the heat and humidity of summer I'm looking forward to spending more time curled up indoors with a cup of tea and a good book; wearing sweaters, scarves, boots, and great coats; enjoying apple cider, cider donuts, and pumpkin-flavored treats; the scent of woodsmoke in the dry, crisp air; the crunch as I walk through carpets of fallen leaves... I could go on for ages, but you get the idea. Fall, I'm waiting for you with open arms. But until you get here, I'll just enjoy some photos from your last visit.

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