Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rainy day (or night) additions.

It's pouring here right now; high winds, thunder, pelting raindrops on my window. So I figured a rainy night at home was the perfect time to add some new items to my shop. Chevron Necklaces in three new color combinations. More to come (including the phono disc necklaces and more Kumi, Geo, and Chevron necklaces) as I finish and photograph them. Thanks for being patient with me... working full time plus a two hour round trip commute takes up much of my time nowadays, so I have to try to fit in making new items and getting them into the shop.


Mo Pie, Please said...

These are so awesome, I must say. I really love your work! Any chance you'd be interested in working with me on a giveaway? I am 4 followers shy of 200 and I told myself that once I got there i was going to do a giveaway. I know it's awkward to ask, so don't feel pressured. I just really like your jewelry and so do my readers!

Jennifer said...

Meagan, I'm SO flattered that you would ask! I'd love to do one with you--this is the first time anyone's ever asked, and you'd be giving me even more great publicity in the process! And thanks for your compliments!

xo Jennifer

Gloria said...

i would totally enter the giveaway :-) love these necklaces so much!