Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am so blown away by Jennifer Parry Dodge's designs for her new clothing line. Ermie, also the name of her great blog (which you should be reading), is named for her great aunt Ermengarde who inspired her creativity. Jen has not only designed all the articles of clothing for Ermie but also the pattern on each and every fabric (some are collaborations with her artist husband Tomory).

ERMIE End of the Year Collection (samples).

I'm so flattered that Jennifer accessorized one of her dresses with one of my Chevron Necklaces; they look great together, in my humble opinion!

ERMIE Fire Season Print Shift Dress (detail)

PLEASE NOTE: All textile designs and photos featured in this post are © Jennifer Parry Dodge and Tomory Dodge 2008-2010 and have been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.


Jennifer said...

You are sweet Jen!
Thank- you so much!
Your necklace looks great with the clothing :)

Jennifer said...

You're so welcome, Jen! The praise is all well-deserved :)
I'm glad you like the necklace too!

ALLIRA said...

they look fantastic together! so bright and colourful, lovely!

Bianca said...

this is all quite delicious.