Monday, January 11, 2010

Many thanks.

This evening while writing the previous post I noticed that my blog now has four followers. I really want to thank all of you, followers and other readers, for continuing to visit my blog. I like to think that I'd still keep it going even if no one was reading it, but it makes me very happy to know that there are at least some folks stopping by. Many, many thanks to you all! (PS: I would be happy to read any comments you might have on my posts, so please do feel free to leave a comment... I promise it's pretty easy once you get started!)


Jennifer Shea said...

Oooh! Is this candy? or beads?

*gemmifer* said...

Hey Jen! They're actually wagashi, a kind of Japanese sweet:

Wagashi come in many forms; these are called "higashi", or "dried sweets":

A visitor from Japan brought them to a colleague of mine at ICP back in the day. She gave them to me, and I just found them too beautiful to eat. They came wrapped in rice paper in a small woodgrain box that was then wrapped in a band of paper with calligraphic writing and paintings. Seriously one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.