Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Close to my heart.

I have a love of lockets, jewelry that can hold a favorite photo of a loved one, or a pressed flower, or lock of hair. Recently I got hold of some wonderful tiny copper envelope-shaped lockets and felt the only thing to do was make myself a necklace.

But what to put in it?

I went through scans of some family photos and printed a group of them small enough to fit in the locket. Now I can keep my family close to my heart all day long.


littlelovelies said...

what a sweet idea - i wish i had one myself!

x nadine
little lovelies

*gemmifer* said...

One of these days I plan to make a few to sell in my Etsy shop. Stay tuned!

urban craft said...

Oh, that's so beautiful. Everyone should have one!

Me said...

this is so adorably sweet